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Quantum PPP Consulting introduction to construction claims management


We are experts in construction claims consulting and in construction claims prevention. Our evaluations are independent and impartial. We analyze every aspect of construction project development. That, combined with our expertise in construction claims as well as our unique software enables us to manage construction projects extremely accurately.


QConZoL Electronic Document Management Service

Conzol provided by Quantum PPP Consulting.
Our electronic document management system has been specifically designed for the construction industry, and offers a service that facilitates the most effective and efficient management of your construction project. By working with this specific document management system for construction, we have found it to be central to successful project management and completion, helping to maintain relationships, track budgets, identify any areas of concern before they become problematic and ensuring all stakeholders are kept informed.


We provide consulting services for construction schedule management and project planning. We cover the whole process from beginning to end, starting with planning concepts and continuing all the way through to the final stages of construction. Whether you are a project owner representative, a construction project manager, or a project planner, our construction schedule management services can provide support, due diligence and guidance to keep projects on track and identify any problems early so that they can be resolved efficiently without having an unnecessary impact on the project as a whole.


Dispute Resolution Service for Construction Project

If an unexpected incident occurs and a claim cannot be completed during construction period and becomes a dispute that requires Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods, QPPP has a service to assist you in this process from the beginning to the end of the dispute resolution process.

Training – In House & Public

A learning ground for efficient construction project delay analysis, extension of time claim management, construction schedule management and construction document management based on the Electronic Document Management System.





Quantum PPP Consulting has provided consultancy services in various forms including project consulting, dispute resolution and more, for many construction projects around the world.