About Us

Quantum PPP Consulting Company Ltd was established by Tungsten Capital, based in the UK, in collaboration with PPP Consultant Company Ltd, founded by Dr. Apirath Prateapusanond.

Before joining Tungsten Capital, Dr. Apirath Prateapusanond founded Warner Construction Consultant (Thailand) Company Ltd, which specialised in managing construction projects in the USA as well as Thailand and many other countries around the world, although focusing on the Asia Pacific Rim.

Quantum PPP Consulting Company Ltd is a multi-disciplined international consultancy firm, which combines and integrates a variety of services. Our expert claims consultants and highly qualified team have extensive training as well as experience in construction management on projects of all sizes, liaising with both domestic as well as international teams working across languages and cultures.

We strive to create effective solutions for problems and to support customers by working towards the most successful outcomes through effective and efficient project management, project planning and scheduling. We do this by using the Critical Path Method (CPM), and through our expertise in dispute resolution. Our skill is in offering different perspectives and effective solutions to projects for our clients.

Introduction to construction claims management services at Quantum PPP Consulting


At our core, we are experts in construction claims and provide independent evaluations for assessments, recording data, and for precision analysis of all aspects of project development and implementation. With our skills and expertise in construction claims and dispute resolution, as well as our cutting-edge computer software and step-by-step data analysis method, we are able to advise clients on the arrangements and procedures for all stages of resolving a construction claim, from mediation and arbitration to litigation. These processes can help customers to dramatically reduce the costs, time and chaos of handling a claim, as well as help to prevent a claims notice from escalating if introduced from the start.

QConZoL Electronic Document Management Service

Our Document Management System Service has been developed specifically for construction projects and construction document management, by a team of experts in construction management. It is a web-based system that helps you to collect and organize documents and forms, as well as to track them all the way to the approval process. It covers every stage of a construction project, starting from design and working through to the completion of the construction project. In doing so, it ensures effective communication among all relevant parties (project owners, designers, consultants and contractors). This system supports Thai language and Thai numbers as well as many other languages, allowing customers to use this system on all their projects, both in Thailand and overseas.


We provide consultation services for project planning all the way through to completion. Quantum PPP Consulting Company Ltd will happily provide consultations as the project owner representative throughout the process, as construction project manager, or as project plan controller, in order to make the project successful.

Time Management

In everything we do we bring decades of experience to the management process, honed through working on a wide variety of projects. This informs our processes and our skillset, and as a result, helps our clients to develop, monitor, and control the implementation of construction projects efficiently, effectively and always staying informed.