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Every construction project, no matter its size or restrictions, needs a team that can look after the project planning for all parties including designers, architects, engineers, contractors and project owners. Planning needs to allow for all parties to work together and communicate with each other with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We can initiate or develop a project work plan as required with our consulting services and project scheduling.

Project schedule

As the construction industry continues to grow, more information, including insights that are essential for effective project planning, is necessary. The success of that project planning depends on the skill and experience of the team behind it, and the personalised nature of the plans.

Our experience and awareness of need for smart and precise project planning means that every plan we create is specially designed to suit the individual characteristics of the project. That includes the resources available to the project owner, property developers, contractors and construction project managers.

Project schedule

  • Prepare basic basic plans
  • Develop the master plan for the project, which shows the operational duties of all parties involved including contractors, designers, project managers and owners
  • Project planning and allocation of labor and material resources, appropriately and in line with the main work plan
  • Identify the scope of potential and actual problems, and suggest effective solutions
  • Update operations tracking plans and prepare a progress report
  • Modify or amend plans in cases where the project needs to expedite the work, or if it is necessary to update the plan
  • Predict the impact of delays such as delayed material transportation, changed air variability, strikes or other unpredictable factors
  • Suggestions and negotiations for extension of work hours in the case of reasonable changes
  • Whether the customer is a small special contractor or a project owner/large developer, we use a variety of planning techniques to suit the needs of our customers

Examples of event planning services

  • Project planning
  • Assessing the duration of the project
  • Developing plans for bidding and submitting proposals
  • Review and preparation of project planning based on the critical path method (CPM)
  • Work planning, plan control, and plan updates
  • Human resource planning, materials and machine tools
  • Planning in accordance with contract terms and conditions
  • Master plan
  • Basic plan
  • Work planning
  • Impact / delay analysis
  • Reasoning / evaluation for extending working hours