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Construction Claims Consulting

In our view, construction claims are sufficiently commonplace that it should be standard practice to have resolution processes in place on a project from the start. This would mean the ability to monitor and find solutions to settle claims notices and disputes during the construction process without having to resort to court proceedings.

Design revisions, changes to material specifications, amendments to construction or installation methods, and disruptions from external factors or from third parties are recurring issues in every construction project. We can help you manage your claims professionally, accurately, and quickly with the help of our team, who are experienced in claims management for both small and large projects around the world.


Our construction claim consulting services are:

  • Extension of time claim - time impact analysis, forensic delay analysis
  • Disruption claim - productivity and inefficiency analysis
  • Acceleration claim
  • Change order claim
  • Differing site condition claim
  • Late payment claim
  • Termination claim