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In the current construction industry, claims are often complex and difficult to handle. Whether it be Government project owners, private property developers, general construction contractors or special construction contractors, anyone experiencing problems relating to either the design or operations on a construction project, will always look for contract compensation.

Management or legal

Project owner contractors and lawyers have trusted us with the strategy for conflict management for years. As an independent expert in the construction industry, we are internationally known and respected for our work, and the wide industry experience that we have.

Slide Accurate assessment Concise, clear and relevant presentation Meticulous document development and management Expert witness for analyzing and specifying the duration of the impact of the delay including the damage result

Since conflicts are often taken to litigation after the project has been completed, the burden of proof often becomes extremely complex and time consuming. However, it is important to get all the right information and to take that time in order to obtain fair results. Our experts are able to look at and understand all aspects of project operations, cataloguing the data including construction documents and technical reports, and to record the relevant costs using clear and sophisticated project analysis methods. Our reports often include hundreds of pages of proof including observations and opinions from experts. As a result, they are comprehensive, complete, accurate and neutral.

We can also provide a unique level of conflict management services for projects experiencing problems whilst still in progress. In order to do this, we use a team of experts to analyze and assess the problem, develop proactive solutions including preparing clear and relevant documents. The implementation of this process can also be helpful later on in the conflict management process, should it progress to court.


Our conflict management services include:

  • Professional consultation
  • Testimony as an expert witness (including third party audits)
  • Inspection and analysis of basic plans
  • Preparing, reviewing and analyzing as-built plans
  • Cost analysis/ damage calculation
  • Analysis of inefficiency/ productivity
  • Providing clear evidence
  • Negotiating/ conflict management support
  • Preparing a daily as-built plan
  • Analysis and estimation of critical delays
  • Analysis of causes of delays and segmentation of responsibility
  • Accelerated analysis of time impacts and operations
  • Additional operational cost analysis
  • Capital analysis of operations affected and accelerated operations
  • Sending a request to fairly amend the contract
  • Preparation and review of claims