Dispute Resolution Service for Construction Project

Dispute Resolution Service for Construction Project

If an unexpected incident occurs and a claim cannot be completed during construction period and becomes a dispute that requires Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods, QPPP has a service to assist you in this process from the beginning to the end of the dispute resolution process.

Mediation / Arbitration / Litigation Support

We can help you from the start with a preliminary assessment, strategic planning, demonstrative evidence gathering, screening important demonstrative evidences, helping to find documents that support the dispute, writing reports or testimonies in the technical section for further use of the lawyer, helping counter the counterclaim and finding supporting documents.

Demonstrative Evidence Preparation

Demonstrative evidence preparation in construction disputes includes a number of supporting documents which are technical documents. With both local and international expertise and experiences, QPPP team can help you prepare and gather demonstrative evidence in a systematic manner, whether in paper or digital form. We have a team ready to help you effectively.

Mediation Service

Based on our overseas dispute resolution experience, we are confident that mediation is the best way to resolve disputes. It is most suitable for construction because it is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

Quantum PPP together with the Thai Construction Lawyers Society has established the Construction Mediation Academy to provide knowledge on mediation for the construction industry in Thailand.

We have qualified, impartial, and experienced mediators in construction field to assist in mediating construction disputes, the best dispute resolution alternative.

Testifying Expert Witness - Delay/Schedule Expert Witness, Technical Expert Witness, Quantum/Cost Expert Witness

We have specialists who are ready to testify as a mediator with accurate analysis based on facts with evidence.

Our mediators and expert witnesses

Dr. Apirath Prateapusanond

Managing Director, Forensic Delay Analysis, Construction Claim Consultant, Mediator

Dr. Rung Prachathananukit

Senior Contract & Claim Consultant / Geotechnical Expert

Krit Pasit

Executive Consultant, MEP Expert, Madiator

Chamnan Pichedpan

Senior Legal Advisor, Madiator

Vimonrat Yongchaitrakul


Niwat Thanpitinan

Construction Contract Expert, Mediator

Dr. Narong Leungbootnak

Structure Expert and Mediator

Suphot Jiamjarasrangsri