FAQ Quantum PPP


QConZoL System Service

No need to install the program. It is operated through web browsers and can be used on any devices such as PC, notebook, tablet, mobile etc.

There are two packages available, both limited and unlimited number of users. For large construction projects, the package with unlimited number of users is recommended.

All types of files can be stored. Each document item can store 2 types of files.

1. PDF file and

2. Native files of various types as needed.

The size of files imported into the system will be limited as follows.

1) PDF file size will be limited up to 150 MB

2) Other file types (Native file) will depend on the upload speed of the internet.

Currently, the system has not yet support integration with other programs. However, it can be developed to support integration with other programs, If those programs are open to connect to QConZoL system. And there will be an additional charge depending on the complexity in the system connection per customer’s needs.

QConZoL team is happy to answer all questions via following channels.

Line: @qconzol

Call Center: 02-026-6505

Tel: 02-192-1797, 092-714-9191

Website: info@quantumppp.com

Chat on www.quantumppp.com

Or an online meeting can be arranged via MS Teams, Zoom or other systems provided by the customer.

Yes. Approve / Comment can be done online on any devices such as PC, notebook, tablet, mobile etc., without having to install additional programs.

There is a firewall system to prevent any access with no consent. And the cloud server used by QConZoL also meets international standards. In addition, the system can assign different accesses in a wide range depending on duties and responsibilities of each individual. The system is therefore trusted by many leading companies.

QConZoL uses INET’s cloud service that is CSA STAR standard certified under ISO / IEC 27001: 2013.

Remark: Above information is as of 16th November 2020. The company may change the details later without prior notice. For more accurate information, kindly contact the company directly.