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What is it?

QConzol is Conzol provided by Quantum PPP Consulting
A system specifically developed for managing documents and drawings in construction projects
It is a system that helps to store documents and forms, create delivery documents, send documents and track documents as well as various approvals
It can be used from the beginning of the design phase, all the way through to the end of the construction project
It facilitates effective communication with all parties in the project including the project owner, designer, consulting company and contractors
It has been developed by a team of construction management experts

QConZoL Electronic Document Management Service

We work using this system to manage project documentation which is the key to success in project management. With this system, we know the status of the document. Also, we can manage approval correctly and quickly, can also help solve problems, prevent and avoid disputes that may occur. As a support tool when making claims, we are proud to present and recommend this system for document management for all construction projects.

Why use



QConZoL service can help save on costs and increase project performance because the system consists of various functions that help in project management and at all stages of construction.

Fast and easy

  • It’s easy to use and there’s no need to install the program
  • It supports Thai language and Thai numbers as well as many other languages
  • It is easy to find documents
  • It offers easy Design Change Management
  • It’s easy to understand, approve and see document status tracking for transparent communications
  • It can be used anytime, anywhere in the world on all devices including computers, tablets, and smartphones via the Internet.




  • Always find the correct version of the document you’re looking for
  • Send information to relevant parties correctly
  • You can track the history of that document, any amendments and any related documents




  • It has security systems in accordance with international standards
  • There are modern backups on both server and cloud systems
  • You are able to track user activity to ensure items have been received




  • Maintain and update the system throughout use
  • Get an unlimited number of users (depending on the package used)
  • Save time and as a result, save money



QConZoL User Reviews

“The work nowadays needs to be more dependent on technology, especially in construction industry. QConZoL is a technology specially designed for Thai construction organizations which. can increase the efficiency of Thai staff working as well.”

Khun Noppadon Jaisue, Project Alliance Co., Ltd.
The first consulting company in Thailand who trusts QConZoL service for document management system in construction projects.

“In my view as an executive, I can see and monitor the status clearly, quick response from the consultants and clear various questions within 30 seconds. Nowadays, we compete with time. The more unnecessary time spending we can reduce, the more productivity we can have.”

Khun Channarong Komkai, Installation Department Manager, THS Development Co., Ltd.
Who trusts QConZoL document management service for the construction of Mahanakhon building.



Design and set up the initial project in the system

Because each construction project is complex and different, we will assist customers in implementing and setting up the QConZoL service step-by-step. This ensures you are using the system as efficiently as possible



Control and check the original document

Use services that assist customers in controlling all documents in the construction project.




We provide a training service that helps customers to understand how to use the QConZoL service and feel confident in the process.



Technical support

When you have a problem using the QConZoL service, we are happy to help answer all your queries.

Our service


We pay attention to every detail for our customers and will offer service support at every stage if you choose to use the QConZoL Electronic Document Management Service.

QConZoL is not just a document management system; it’s a tool that helps every customer succeed in the management of their construction project. From experience we know that other software often doesn’t respond to specific projects because it is not flexible enough to accommodate the specifics of each construction project. Therefore, the QConZoL service is designed to respond to a variety of projects. Also, our team is there to provide support and solve any problems you may have by phone, email, or other online media.

To try the system, please send an email and enter your details.